Landscaping is one of the best ways of improving the aesthetic value of a home. Landscaping involves the placement of grass, the growing of bushes and flowers among others. While it helps to increase the aesthetic value of your home, care must be provided to ensure it continues to stay clean.

These calls for a leaf blower and not just any leaf blower but the best leaf blower one can find. Many home owners opt to hire gardeners who help to get rid of the leaves, sticks and dried grass which litter the lawn and create an unpleasant look. For others, they opt to undergo the DIY approach which means one must have the necessary tools like a leaf blower to help accomplish the task.

Shopping for a leaf blower for many home owners can be a daunting task especially if it is there first time. Home owners no longer need to worry as below is a simple guideline to help one purchase the right leaf blower.

Factors to consider

Before embarking on a trip to the store to buy the right tools, it is important to sit down and consider the following factors

a. Size of the property
This plays a big role as it helps the horne owner to know which kind of tool will be perfect for the size of property one owns.

b. Material to be blown
Even though it is called a leaf blower, it is a versatile machine that is able to achieve a lot such as picking loose grass clippings among others.

c. Noise restriction
Every state is governed by a set of rules and regulations which home owners are required to abide by Before purchasing, it is important to know the rules regarding use of blowers within one’s property. Even though there are those which are silent, it is best to abide by the law.

d. Type
There are various types of leaf blowers. There are those that use gas, others are handheld, others are cordless while others are on wheels.

How to pick the perfect leaf blower



Gas leaf blowers are known to be the fastest especially when you want to clear your lawn and your garden that is full of leaves. The drawback for gas blowers is that they do make a lot of noise especially those that have a high capacity.
Buying a blower that is powerful will help to shorten your task while ensuring all the dirt has been blown. Speed setting Leaf blowers that come fitted with a speed setting option can be very beneficial to you as you will be able to adjust the speed according to the task you are doing.


A well engineered machine needs to be balanced especially if you are looking to buy a cordless or handheld device. Balance will not only enable you to maneuver the machine but also be able to carry it around with ease.

Noise restrictions

As discussed earlier, the rules and regulations of any state may ban and prohibit the use of leaf blowers therefore before purchasing one, you need to review them. If there are rules that prohibit some leaf blowers and accept quite ones, it is important to find out.